• The Village
    Playgarden is rooted in love:

    Love of children

  • The Village
    Playgarden is rooted in love:

    Love of community

  • The Village
    Playgarden is rooted in love:

    Love of nature

Bring the family to Village Playgarden and experience the wonder of the annual Spring Carnival on May 14th. Visit www.vpgspringcarnival.com for full details.

Village Playgarden, located in Altadena, California, is a holistic preschool and kindergarten program and community for children ages 3 years through 6 years old, where learning, creativity, and caring take place in a loving home environment. As part of the Village Playgarden community, parents can breathe and be in the moment because they know their children are being well cared for and holistically encouraged in their journey of self-discovery.

Village Playgarden is influenced by:

  • Waldorf pedagogy and understanding of child develop, attachment parenting, non-violent education and parenting, learning through play, and nature-based learning
  • Respect for children’s voices and their individual learning styles and sensibilities
  • Exposure to foreign language, Spanish included in the daily program
  • Imaginative stories, exploration of nature, expressive movement, music
  • Organic wholesome food provided (snack and lunch) in a non-toxic indoor and outdoor environment
  • Natural toys, lots of outdoor space to play, run, jump, climb, explore, and feed chickens, horses, and goats
  • Creativity, cooking, handwork, and gardening encouraged

At Village Playgarden we aspire to create community and offer support for families who are looking for a place where their children can play, create, explore, and engage their own magic. Children will be gently supported in social interactions, carefully brought into awareness of the world in which they live, and lovingly taught reverence and respect for all living beings and the environment.

While the Village Playgarden program is influenced by a number of well-known early childhood philosophies, the curriculum is rooted in love; love for children, love for creating community, love for nature and the environment, and love for the possibility of a healthy peaceful world.