“Every time my daughter has learned that Kikanza will be teaching the kinder she is very excited. Kikanza is loving, nurturing and provides an environment of fun and creativity with stories and songs. She is a fabulous story teller. I am happy my daughter has been able to spend time with Kikanza and I know my daughter is too.”

— Kavita Ladnier, parent, actor

“The home setting, Waldorf-like environment gave Aurelia a very warm welcome. She had a relaxed time in the Village Playgarden program. Climbing trees, gardening, cooking, and creative artistic activities nurtured little hearts. Kikanza always wears a warming smile and works through non-violent communication to help resolve conflicts between the children. Aurelia always comes home talking about fun things, or showing me foods or crafts she has done. Best of all, Village Playgarden gives me peace of mind. No media, loving learning environment, and organic food.”

— Chao “Stephanie” Chen, parent, dentist

“Kikanza Ramsey is a steady, beautiful presence in the classroom. The love and care with which she holds the children make her the only teacher we trust to take over our classes when we need a substitute. She’s the best.”

— Mark and Hara Lewis, parents,
Sunnyhill Waldorf Kinder teachers, KITE theater teachers

“Kikanza and Village Playgarden are an oasis for my daughter and our family. She blends Waldorf Home Schooling, Ruth Beaglehole?s nonviolent, empathic paradigm, diversity, respect and expert child development into a enchanting program for preschoolers. It is a holistic approach to caretaking, and I know that my child is being loved, watched, taught, and guided throughout her day at Village Playgarden. The setting is inspiring for play and exploration. I am watching my daughter transform into a calmer, more empathic person. Yet she’s simultaneously more gregarious in her play. The indoor/outdoor play areas are idyllic. They garden, play in nature, explore art and crafts and sing songs, engage in storytelling….I can go on and on. Oh, I can’t forget to mention the live, nutrient rich organic lunch and snacks cooked fresh every day…such a relief to have my child in a setting where the food and the cleaners that are used are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. All in a home-based care setting.

Whenever I arrive to greet my daughter at the end of her day at Village Playgarden, I walk in hearing her singing or squealing in playful jubilation. There is no sound more satisfying for this working mother, it eases my mind and heart to know that my beloved is in such an honored & loving space while I’m off working. The next best thing to home. Thank you Kikanza for Village Playgarden.”

— Alisa Donner, MSW, LCSW
Co-founder Pregnancy Awareness Month
Co-Director PureStyle Living, LLC
and Mother

“Village Playgarden is a dream come true for anyone who wants a gentle and intimate learning, social, and creative environment for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Village Playgarden is ideal for homeschoolers and/or parents who are not rushing to put their preschooler or kindergartener in a school institution. Kikanza is truly a gifted and creative teacher who sees all children in their beauty– from the frisky and rambunctious to the easy going citizen- do-right. She understands children, listens to their needs , and offers them her home and a curriculum of love, beauty, communication, creativity, and fun. These are truly the building blocks of emotional and academic intelligence.”

–Chavonne Long, parent, educator

“Though our family believes in home school, we participate at Village Playgarden to allow for the social development our son requested. Village Playgarden allows our son to develop relationships with other children, practice communication and learn about the world he lives in. Kikanza is a gifted facilitator, who is able to see children’s unspoken needs, and assist them in building positive relationships, using a language of love and life. Her gifts of empathy and compassion allow her to be truly present with the children, and provide a model for building peaceful relationships. We are grateful to have found a school that adds to and builds upon the reverence and rituals we establish at home.”

— Maura Duvall, parent, teacher

“I could not imagine a more ideal setting for my two children. Village Playgarden is a small,intimate community where children truly learn nonviolence in its many forms, learn to appreciate diverse cultures, are constantly engaged with nature, eat healthy food, and have a great time. Kikanza is a calm, loving, and inspired teacher who has played a key role in my childrens’ development – we consider ourselves to be very fortunate that we found Village Playgarden.

Village Playgarden is the home-away-from-home that all working parents hope for their children, a place where we feel confident that our children have new opportunities to grow, learn, and discover in a safe and caring environment that both respects children as individuals while, at the same time, nurtures a healthy appreciation for playing, working, and growing together. The teachers are patient and accommodating with each child and work very hard to tailor the daily activities to meet everyone’s needs. And unlike so many other preschools that we’ve either been a part of or visited, we never worry about whether or not our children are getting the best possible care at Village Playgarden. We know it by the many ways we have seen them mature during their time there.”

— Laura Pulido, parent, Professor, USC

“There is no where I would rather my daughter be when she is not with me. Village Playgarden has embraced Clover into a magical world where she learns how to live, eat, and play communally, connect with nature, and interact with adults who have nothing but the utmost respect for her ever changing needs. I am so grateful to have Kikanza in my daughter’s life. The grace, intention, respect, and love she brings to her work is awe inspiring.”

–Kelly Dietzen, parent, mid-wife